Browse by Question

Are you allowed to answer more than one question in the same day?

Can you write a story titled “My Kingdom for Arugula”?

Have you written lately?

How do you get rid of ghosts?

If minds could be read as simply as letters, would yours be considered spam?

If there was an artifact that increased all probabilities of success for you but in the process shortened your life span, what would a gambler do?

Is Isaiah 9:20 describing zombies?

What color is the dress?

What does the voice in my head sound like?

What do rhinos eat for breakfast?

What do you do if someone submits a question that is too complicated to understand or too convoluted to answer?

What if aliens took a sample of humanity, but made the mistake of taking them from a show like Last Comic Standing?

What if all girls had fire powers and all boys had cold powers?

What if Chicken Little was right?

What if history was cyclical?

What if Neville had been the chosen one?

What if our deepest desires manifested as tattoos on our skin?

What if we could smell colors?

What is a blue devil?

What is love?

What would the world be like if we didn’t have TV remotes?

Where do babies come from?

Where does the poop go on a plane?

Where have you been?

Why are crazy people called nuts?

Why are they called pants when there’s only one?

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Why is being productive so hard?

Why is Coach K so good?

Why is jumping in rain puddles so fun?

Why is the sky blue?


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