Author’s Top Ten

In chronological order, here are my top ten favorite stories thus far:

  1. The Banner – What color is the dress?
  2. IRIS 2.3 – If minds could be read as simply as letters, would yours be considered spam?
  3. Blame the Dog-Tars – Where do babies come from?
  4. Feeding the Mount – What do rhinos eat for breakfast?
  5. The Double Triangle – What if our deepest desires manifested as tattoos on our skin?
  6. The Signature – Why is Coach K so good?
  7. The Long Game – What if history was cyclical?
  8. A Lovely Rest of the Day – Are you allowed to answer more than one question in the same day?
  9. The Baby and the Bicycle – What is love?
  10. Soldiering On – What if Neville had been the chosen one?