Ask a Question

Ask me a question! Any question at all!

Why does the sun rise in the east? What is your favorite color? What if penguins were the dominant species on the planet? What is 2+2? How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

I will take 183 questions submitted by you and answer them with a story. You can submit your questions by commenting below, emailing with the subject line “183 Questions”, or by tweeting @ArchViceroy using #183questions. I will pick out a question every week and answer it to the best of my abilities with a story. Of course, there’s always the possibility that I might actually write a story about how ridiculous your question is. That might happen.

Ask away!


2 thoughts on “Ask a Question

  1. What if Neville had been the Chosen One?
    What if all girls had fire powers and all boys had cold powers?
    What if history was cyclical?
    What if our deepest desires manifested as tattoos on our skin?


  2. How do you keep from exploiting other cultures when you visit them?
    Is Africa a country or continent?
    How do you get rid of ghosts?
    Why is being productive so hard?
    What are the deepest desires of my heart?
    What is love?
    What if we could smell colors?
    What color is clear?
    What does the voice in my head sound like?


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